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March 2004


I hired Helen to put together my website which I designed the look and layout of (much to her horror.)

One of the first things I found out about Helen is that she has a healthy level of patience. She does, however, know to draw the line at a certain point. As a business person and customer, I found that to be positive for me as it provided me with the latitude to get some of my particularly hair brained artist ideas for my site accomplished with out feeling like, or sensing that, I was taking advantage of her. And it gave me solid parameters to work within. Thus, I knew the limits of what was available vs. what we'd agreed on, time and budget wise, and what extras were going to cost.

I continue to find Helen to be eager to please and ambitious to succeed at tasks she undertakes - but she will not, in my experience, try to sell you something you don't need or that will not be of value to you. She will tell you the truth.

Helen has also proven to be very industrious , driven, and dedicated and I've always been delighted by her 'artistic sense' and 'artistic eye' despite the fact that she is not an artist and, prior to meeting me, used to cross to the other side of the street when ever she saw an artist coming.

Helen has the advantage of being able to create multi language sites or multiple versions of a site, each in a different language. Her samples on the site contain just such variations.

Helen's rates are very reasonable and excellent value for the product produced.

Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as a quality quick and or cheap site. I ran in to the same situation as a radio commercial producer - even the simplest most basic creation will ALWAYS take longer than the client thinks. This is for many reasons including the fact that you are imaging in your head all that would take place. For example, try this: read this testimonial letter from the beginning to about here, to your self, while timing it, and then write down how long it took. Now, read it again, out loud, at a speed that a group of people could follow along with comfortably and clearly understand what you're saying - again while timing yourself. Note the difference in times. That's a simple example of my point. Now, imagine all the inevitable complications that can crop up.

I just felt as I have years of first hand personal experience with the phenomenon, that I should pass the info on to you for your consideration.

Did I mention Helen has been known to feed you delicious oranges and tea when you visit or work together on a project?

I have no reservations what so ever about recommending that you call Helen to discuss your ideas and needs.


Marc Robert North

PS- my web site has been working flawlessly for a couple years now.

I see my site is now uploaded. It looks way better than before. Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs website work and will let you know when I need to make new updates.

Darryl Leniuk Photography

Thanks a lot to talent of eComCreator for designing an amazing banner and promoting my dance performances. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

Vadim Garbuzov
Youth Canadian Dancesport Champion

I have been trying to put this site to work for my business and me. I could not find anyone to help with good ideas until I was referred to ecomcreator who made the work efficient, and appealing with easy navigation.

Thanks, you are here when we need you.

Sue Cury.

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