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Build an eCommerce website and start selling online today. eComCreator provides Web store capabilities that help virtually any business to create a dynamic and personalized online store. Integration with inventory, accounting, sales and support departments enables your company to offer customers a rich Web experience without using costly IT resources.

Shopping Cart Functions include:

1. Standard Online Store 1

Front Page Design and Functions:

  • One fixed design like (can choose any color)
  • One top banner top design
  • Hot sales promotion choice
  • Search products function
  • Auto shows categories and subcategories
  • Auto shows products pictures, products code, prices, descriptions, etc.
  • Customer registered form
  • Customer login function
  • Email auto sending to customer and web site owner
  • Orders collecting
  • Calculate shopping items price, shipping fee and tax
  • Receive PayPal payment
  • Free two pages for about us and contact us links

Inside Manager Page Functions:

  • Add/Edit/Delete main categories
  • Add/Edit/Delete subcategories
  • Add/Edit/Delete new products, which include product code, product name, price, shipping fee, descriptions, hot sale status, upload picture, etc. functions.
  • Listing customers detail information
  • Listing orders information

2. Standard Online Store 2

  • Same as Standard Online Store 1 Functions listed above ?
  • Adding second price for Distributor to order products after login function
  • Listing Distributorís detail information
  • Or Adding Second Languages

3. Standard Online Store 3

  • Same as Standard Online Store 2 Functions listed above ?
  • Adding Front Page Design

4. Advanced Online Store

Special Programming Based on Customer Specail Requirements

Standard Online Store 1:

Parkington Glass Bottle
Continental Antique

Standard Online Store 2:

Wen Bao Zhai Antique
Fire Art Lighting 
Flower Store

Standard Online Store 3:

Cowry Kitchen
Vancouver Cabinet Inc.
Axeon Marble

Advanced Online Stores:

J.Y.S Enterprises
Cowry Cabinets
Computer Memory Store
Trafa Pharma Supplies
Glasses Store
Time Drugs

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